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2 Reasons a Bernese Mountain Puppy Is a Suitable Dog to Adopt When You Have Children

If you are wanting to adopt a new puppy for your family, you may be researching different large breeds to find one that will fit in. One of the main things you may be looking for is a dog that will get along great with your children.

When searching for a large dog that will also be suitable to be around your kids, consider taking a closer look at the Bernese Mountain breed. There are a couple of reasons why a puppy of this breed would be a suitable one to adopt when you have children.

1. They Are Energetic Enough to Play with Kids While Also Having a Patient and Calm Personality

One reason why a Bernese Mountain puppy would fit right into your family when you have kids is that they love to play. Especially as puppies and young adults, the dogs are energetic and can keep up with your kids during playtime.

Even if they get tired and the kids keep pushing them, the dogs' calm personality makes them patient. They will take your children's antics in stride without becoming hostile toward them.

2. The Breed Is Fiercely Loyal and Protective of Family Members, but Not Aggressive

Another reason why the breed would be a suitable match for your family is that they are fiercely loyal. Once you adopt and bring the puppy into your home, it will become protective of you and your kids.

However, while they do have a protective nature, Bernese Mountain dogs are not aggressive, making them safe to bring into communal dog play areas or around other people. It is only when someone becomes threatening to their young charges that they may take on a defensive stance in an effort to protect your children and the adults in your household from harm.

If you are looking for a new dog for your family that is good around kids, you may want to consider a Bernese Mountain dog. They are energetic and love to play with children, yet they have a calm disposition and tend to be patient if the kids get too rambunctious. These dogs are also fiercely loyal to its family and will not become aggressive unless the situation calls for them to protect you and your children. If you would like to learn more about how the breed behaves around children, contact a business or breeder that offers Bernese Mountain puppies for sale to speak with a representative. 

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