Keeping My New Pets Healthy

Tips For Evaluating English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

If you've decided to purchase an English bulldog puppy from a breeder, it's essential to know what to look for.

Buy an English Bulldog from a Quality Breeder

The first step is to locate a quality breeder of English bulldogs.

You can find quality local breeders by speaking with friends and family or talking to local veterinarians. Quality breeders seek medical care for their dogs, and veterinarians will know precisely who they are.

All quality breeders of English bulldogs should offer a transparent health guarantee which permits you to take the puppy you select to your veterinarian to ensure it's healthy.

If the puppy does not get a clean bill of health, then the breeder should be willing to refund your money or give you a different puppy. 

Decide if You Want a Male or Female Dog

Before puppy shopping, deciding if you want to buy a female or male dog is best.

Females tend to be more timid and are more challenging to potty train. On the other hand, males can be more aggressive and are more straightforward to potty train as puppies but will continue to lift their legs all over the yard for the rest of their lives.

You should speak to the breeder before selecting a puppy if you plan to get a female puppy and later breed it.

Unless you buy a high-priced show dog or breeding stock, you will be required to spay or neuter the puppy you purchase. Only the best puppies are used for future breeding or showing; those puppies often come at a much higher price.

Choose Your New Puppy in Person, Not Online

Rather than selecting your English bulldog puppy from a website and falling in love with its picture, visit the puppies at least once in person.

Sit quietly with the puppies and see which puppy naturally comes to you. Watch and notice which puppies are naturally curious and aware of their surroundings.

When you visit, ask to see the parent dogs and see if they're friendly and good-natured. Parents' temperament will often show through in puppies as they age. 

Finally, look into the eyes and ears of the puppy you like best and ensure that they're clear and don't show any crusting or other signs of irritation. This could be early signs of allergies, or they could also be signs that there's some sort of illness present.

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