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Confusing Terms You May Come Across When Looking at Beagle Puppies for Sale

Beagle puppies are adorable, and they grow into beagles, which can be really friendly and enjoyable family dogs. However, as you look at various beagle puppies for sale, you may notice some terminology you are not familiar with. Below, you will learn the meaning of common beagle terms so you can shop more effectively.


When you see a beagle puppy described as redtick or bluetick, that does not mean the puppy has ticks. These are just coat colors. Bluetick refers to spots of gray or black on a white background. Redtick refers to spots of reddish-brown hair on a white background. Colors are just colors. If you find a bluetick or redtick beagle puppy attractive, then buy one. If you don't like these colors, then there are plenty of beagles who have just black, brown, or tan patches as markings.


A "lemon" is not a puppy with problems. This term is used differently in the dog world than in the car world. If you see a lemon beagle pup for sale, this is a puppy that is a pale tan color. If you see a lemon and white puppy, which is more common, that puppy will have a white background with big patches of lemon coloring.

Pocket Beagle

A pocket beagle is just a beagle who is smaller than average. Most breeders use this term to refer to puppies who are expected to reach less than 13 inches tall when mature. Breeders will base this classification on the puppy's parents' height. So, if both parents are under 13 inches, their puppies will generally be marketed as pocket beagles. Other than being smaller in size, they are just like other beagles.

Brag Dog

A puppy being sold as a brag dog is one expected to be a top performer either in shows or the hunt field. In other words, this puppy will grow into one you can brag about. Puppies sold as brag dogs usually come with a higher price tag. They can be a good choice if you plan on competing with your dog, but if you're just looking for a family pet, it's not usually worth paying more for a brag dog.

Hopefully learning these terms makes it a little easier for you to shop for beagle puppies. If any other terms are unclear or if you feel ready to buy beagle puppies, reach out to a breeder or salesperson and ask them for more information. 

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