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Is Your Dog Suffering From UTIs? 3 Signs You Should Take It To The Animal Hospital

Urinary tract infections aren't just common in humans. It's good to know that even dogs develop these infections. A dog with UTIs experiences a lot of discomfort and pain. In fact, the infections can deteriorate the pet's general health if they aren't treated in good time. Most dogs develop these infections when the normal flora in the gastrointestinal tract or even on the skin gets into their urinary tract system. 

E.coli is perhaps the leading cause of these infections in pets like dogs. When your dog develops UTIs, it's best to take it to a reputable animal hospital for treatment. See what helps you know your dog is suffering from urinary tract infections and that it's time to take it to an animal hospital.

Pet's Urine Looks Bloody

Blood is among the things that can help you know your dog has developed UTIs. If you find blood in the pet's urine, you should take the pet to the hospital. You may also spot blood in the dog's urine due to other health conditions like kidney disease and stones lodged in the urinary tract. 

These stones usually subject the pet to excessive pain, and it may not be able to walk sometimes. Usually, surgery is the most effective method that a vet can use to remove the stones obstructing the dog's urethra.

The Pet Is Unable to Urinate

If your dog struggles to urinate these days, it has perhaps developed urinary tract infections. Difficulty urinating is usually an emergency that should be addressed in an animal hospital. If the condition is not treated in good time, the dog's bladder may easily rupture. 

If the pet's urinary tract has scar tissues, stones, or other obstructions, the pet will also experience difficulty urinating. However, taking the pet to the hospital helps with a timely prognosis and treatment before the infections become chronic.

The Pet's Urination Habits Have Changed

Usually, most pet parents quickly master the urination habits of their dogs. Any change in the pet's urination habits shows something is wrong. You shouldn't wait to see if the problem will disappear on its own. Take the pet to the animal hospital for proper examination and diagnosis. When you don't act fast, the situation worsens, causing the pet's health to deteriorate in a big way. 

UTIs in pets are serious conditions that should be treated immediately. If the infections aren't treated quickly, the dog may even die. That's why you should take the pet to the animal hospital immediately when you notice any of the above signs. The vet will treat the dog before the infections aggravate.

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