Keeping My New Pets Healthy

Boarding Your Dog For The First Time

When pet owners have to travel for an extended period of time, they will need to make sure that their animal is safe while they are away. To this end, boarding the dog is likely to be the best option.

Consider Whether Your Dog Would Benefit From Being Boarded At A Veterinary Clinic

Unfortunately, there are many dogs that suffer from potentially serious health problems that can make boarding them complicated due to facilities lacking the staff and equipment needed to provide care. In these instances, it may be best to board the dog at a veterinary clinic. These clinics can provide the type of regular care that your dog needs, and they will be able to quickly provide care in the event that your pet experiences a medical emergency while you are away.

Review The Recommended Items To Pack For Your Dog

Most boarding facilities will provide new clients with a list of items that are recommended to be brought with the dog. This will usually include a small amount of the dog's normal food and favorite toys. It may seem unusual for these items to be recommended to be brought, but the food can help the dog transition to the food that is provided by the boarding center as dogs can experience digestive issues if they face a complete and sudden dietary change. Bringing your pet's favorite toys can provide comfort from the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment.

Gather All Of The Relevant Medical Records For Your Dog

Boarding facilities will also frequently require some medical documentation before accepting a dog. This is done to ensure the dog has received the required vaccinations. This is also beneficial when your dog has mild or chronic health issues so that the staff is aware of thee conditions and the dog's needs.

Be Mindful Of Safety When Transporting Your Dog To The Boarding Facility

While there are many individuals that may regularly ride with their dog in their vehicle, this is not the case for everyone. In fact, many individuals may only allow their dog in the car when they are driving it to the veterinarian or the boarding center. Dog's that rarely ride in vehicles may be ill-suited for this experience due to the excitement of being in a moving vehicle. In addition to leading to behavior problems, this could also lead to the dog becoming motion sick and vomiting. When you are transporting the dog to the boarding facility, you should keep it in a pet carrier that is firmly secured to the vehicle.

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