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Choosing A Vet For Your Cat: What To Look For

Cats and veterinarians don't mix as a general rule. Whether it's being put in a kitty carrier and going for a car ride or being put in a new environment for just a few minutes, cats often go from furry bundles of joy to scratching, clawing, spitting beasts you don't even recognize. Your cat still needs regular checkups and vaccinations, though, and picking the right vet can help make the adventure easier for both you and your feline. Here are tips for choosing a vet for your cat.

Quiet atmosphere

Barking dogs and yowling cats can instantly put your feline into a state of panic when you walk in the vet's door. Try to choose a vet that has their kennels and patient rooms in the back of the facility so the reception area is as quiet as possible when you first walk in. While you can't control the other patients that may be waiting for their turn with the vet (so you may bump into a dog or two), you can at least save your cat the stress of having to hear many chaotic sounds as they acclimate to their temporary surroundings.

Tip: always schedule your cat's vet appointments either first thing in the morning or as the last appointment of the day. You are less likely to encounter other furry patients this way, making check-in much easier.

The right gender

Cats can be picky about their owners just like some parrots can, and choosing the right gender to be their vet can work wonders. Choose a facility that offers both male and female animal doctors and assistants so your cat can choose who they would like to work with the most. If your cat despises anyone but you, then choose a vet who will have tender mercy on your cat and allow you to come in a few minutes beforehand to pick up a mild sedative you can feed your cat before they have to go in.

No resident animals

Have you ever walked into a vet clinic and seen wandering dogs and cats in the lobby? These animals are often adopted resident pets and are well-behaved critters. Fun fact: they are also often used as blood donors for emergency animal care when needed. However, your cat may not like other animals, friendly or not, so if this is true for your feline, stick to a facility that keeps their resident animals away from the waiting area. To find out more, speak with a business like Cats Only Veterinary Hospital.

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Keeping My New Pets Healthy

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