Keeping My New Pets Healthy

Choosing A Vet For Your Cat: What To Look For

24 February

Cats and veterinarians don’t mix as a general rule. Whether it’s being put in a kitty carrier and going for a car ride or being put in a new environment for just a few minutes, cats often go from furry bundles of joy to scratching, clawing, spitting beasts you don’t even recognize. Your cat still […]

Do You Believe Your Siamese Cat Is Crazy? Learn More About Feline Hyperesthesia

27 July

Siamese cats have a reputation for being talkative and cranky, some more so than others. For Siamese cat owners, their love for their feline friend overcomes the crazy, erratic behavior their cats sometimes display. However, the reason many Siamese cats have bouts of deranged and strangely psychotic behavior is a neurological disease called feline hyperesthesia. […]

Three Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy After Your Dog Has Been Hit By A Car

22 July

Having a dog get hit by a car is a pet owner’s worst nightmare; but thankfully, dogs can survive the experience with mild to severe injuries. Of course, your first action after your dog has been struck by a vehicle should always be to seek immediate holistic animal care for your pet. Once your pet’s […]

The Feline Dilemma: Indoor Or Outdoor?

20 July

There’s no question that keeping your feline friends confined inside your home protects them from many hazards of the outside world: getting lost, getting run over by cars, being attacked by other animals, and being exposed to infectious diseases and parasites. But the inside cat has its own set of problems to deal with: boredom […]

Teaching A Child How To Handle A Bearded Dragon Appropriately

15 July

If you are contemplating getting a bearded dragon as a pet for your child, there are several steps that will need to be addressed regarding its care so it lives a long and healthy life. One important part of a bearded dragon’s care is how it is handled. These reptiles enjoy being touched and carried around, making them a […]

How To Tell If Your Pet Is In Need Of Urgent Dental Work

13 July

If you want to help ensure that your pets stay as healthy as possible, you will need to look for signs that there is a need for urgent dental care. To help you spot dental issues, you will want to review the following signs of pet dental trouble. Consistent Bad Breath It may not be […]

Tips For Cleaning Your Horse’s Hooves Safely

06 July

If you’ve recently entered into the world of horse riding and ownership, you’ll find yourself constantly buying gear for riding and taking care of your horse. This shopping list should always include a tool for cleaning the horse’s hoofs (from an outlet such as Pick Brush). This tool is available in different styles, but typically […]

4 Steps To Take After Your Dog Is Hit By A Car

06 July

Dogs are loyal and loving companions, so if your pet gets hit by a car it can be very stressful and upsetting. How you react in this type of emergency can determine your dog’s outcome, so it is important to act quickly. If your dog is hit by a car, take the following steps: Approach […]

What You Should Do When You Come Across A Friendly Stray Cat

03 July

When you are going about your daily life, you likely do not expect yourself to come across a stray animal, let alone a cat that is friendly to humans. Most cats that you come across out on their own are feral cats, meaning they were born “wild” and continue to act wild. However, if you […]

Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Dogs

28 June

Are you concerned about your dog’s health? Do you wonder if the dog food that you have is actually as complete and balanced as the label claims? When your dog is seemingly healthy, it’s natural to wonder whether or not there’s something else you can do to keep them that way. While you may not […]